Road Trip to Koch 33 Toyota

When you're looking to get yourself into a new Toyota RAV4, well, Toyota leaves you no option but to visit one of their 1,500 dealerships nationwide. So when our team was looking we looked no further than Koch 33 Toyota in Easton, Pennsylvania. Heres why.

Over the course of my driving career I have not only visited several Toyota Dealerships across the country, but I have also worked at one. Growing up in a family that is crazy about Toyotas, we naturally checked out a Toyota dealer in just about every city we visited. Since then, our team spends a good chunk of the year on the road. We have been to countless Toyota dealers, used car lots and everything in between. When we were introduced to the team at Koch 33 our mind was made up. After hosting T4R Experience with them we knew where we were buying our 2019 Rav4 Adventure from. And on January 25, the story began.

"From dealership to dirt on its first tank of gas" Nick Fisher, Used Car Manager at Koch 33 Toyota. It's true, we hit the trails hours after starting the car for the very first time. Our good friends at The Perfect Bungee took us for a trail ride across the New Jersey hills. A little mud and a few scratches later it's safe to say we took advantage of the multi-link rear suspension, dynamic torque vectoring AWD system and last but not least, the impressive multi-terrain select. We will touch more on the off-road capabilities down the road.

The buying experience, convenience and knowledge from Brandon, Billy and the staff was stellar. On top of that their whole team actually lives and breaths Toyota. At Koch 33 their focus is Toyota off-road line up; the 4Runner, Tacoma and now the new RAV4. It's special to see their passion and excitement for the brand, something you don't see very often. Needless to say, if you're in the North East and need a new Toyota, you now know where to go. If you already own your RAV4 and need some parts installed or work done, their shop and service center is waiting for you.

Before we left to embark on our 4 day road trip back to Denver, CO, their team helped us install our Yakima cross bars, awning, SkyBox and FullSwing bike rack that they stock and sell right at their dealership. Works out great!

We're excited to have people like Koch 33 Toyota to help expand and grow this RAV4 community.