RAV4 Prinsu Design Roof Rack - First Look

Our TeamRav4 flagship Rav4 just installed the all-new Prinsu Roof Rack for 2019+ Rav4 models! So far? We're stoked! Here is a little more on the install, photos and our take on Prinsu!

With the release of Toyota’s newly designed RAV4 lineup, manufacturers are scrambling to offer aftermarket accessories and options for the beloved platform. A budget friendly, economical alternative to the 4Runner, the RAV4 is offered in numerous packages including our favorite, the RAV4 Adventure. While not as capable as the 4Runner, our RAV4, Rhonda, is perfect for weekend getaways where traditional sport utilities may be caught out of their element. With wheels, tires, and a vast array of other modifications already equipped, we looked to Prinsu Design Studios for a lightweight roof rack that wouldn’t break the bank. 

Designed in conjunction with CBI Off-Road Fabrication, Prinsu released their aluminum roof rack for the 4th generation (2012-2018) and 5th generation (2019-present) RAV4. As of today, Prinsu offers one of the only full size racks for the 5th generation RAV4. Many manufacturers offer cross bars, clamp on platform racks and cargo baskets but we needed something a little more fitting for what we do. Prinsu’s full length, laser cut 5052 aluminum design has been the way to go for us! Though a weight limit on this rack is not specified by Prinsu, we can assure you it will greatly outnumber any of the other options out there, including factory.

With an all aluminum construction, the new RAV4 racks won’t corrode and are a proven long term investment that has been rigorously tested on so many 4Runners, Tacomas and other rigs out there today. Though fundamentally the same as the 4Runner racks, the RAV4 racks features seven crossbars, just 2 less than the 4Runner. The rack features an aluminum wind deflector with optional noise reducing edge trim. Prinsu also offers light bar mounts, roof top tent mounts, maxtrax mounts and the list goes on (Check out the @radventure4 build thread article to see what we opted in to).

At just around 40 pounds, this rack may very well weigh less than whatever it is you desire to carry. For those of you who favor the fuel economy of the RAV4 over that of other Toyota platforms, you will no longer be forced to compromise miles per gallon for smiles per gallon. Recently, TeamRAV4 had the pleasure of driving up to Idaho Falls, Idaho to have this rack installed. Installation was a breeze and Prinsu’s no-drill design helped preserve the integrity of our RAV4. Shortly thereafter, Rhonda and the members of TeamRAV4 made the trip to the Destination Outdoor Event in Florida putting over 3,000 miles on our newest addition. The ride was smooth and Prinsu’s low profile design paired with a wind deflector eliminated wind noise, completely, making it is quiet as factory, which is a big deal for us.

Starting at $749, these aluminum American made racks are sure to stand the test of time. Prinsu’s limited lifetime warranty ensures you can rest easy knowing your investment is protected by the industry’s best. We wouldn’t trust our vehicle and our gear to anyone else and neither should you. Check out Prinsu’s comprehensive product line on their site and see what you’re missing out on!

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Article written by TeamRav4 contributer Jacob Silverstein