Firestone Tires Destination A/T2 - First Look!

The Firestone Destination A/T2, the predecessor to Firestone’s Destination A/T, is a light/medium duty tire designed to be used in situations where on and off-road performance are of the utmost performance. The A/T2 is an all-season tire and holds the 3 Peak Mountain Snowflake certification, meaning it has been tested and is rated for use in severe snowy conditions. The previous version, the Destination A/T, did not hold this certification. Many other updates have been made to the Destination A/T2. Such updates include Firestone’s Full Depth Interlocking 3D Sipe Technology which helps to provide consistent wear, an aggressive shoulder pattern for off-road performance, and increased water evacuation to improve performance in wet conditions.

The Destination A/T2 is not Firestone’s first attempt at a more aggressive, all terrain tire. The Destination X/T, a more aggressive version of Firestone’s A/T lineup, has a very similar design. While the X/T is designed with consistent off-road performance in mind, the Destination A/T is a weekend warrior tire for those who want the ability to go further without sacrificing ride quality, comfort, or fuel economy. Skeptical of the new Firestone Destination A/T2, check out the over 1,000 five-star reviews on! The TeamRAV4 adventure vehicle, Rhonda, is equipped with a set of Firestone’s new Destination A/T2. Check out the places we’ve taken her at radventure4 on Instagram or at

Firestone’s destination A/T2 has a modest MSRP of $122. Pair that with a 55,000 mile warranty and there’s no reason you shouldn’t check them out! We know that many of you are not taking your vehicle to the trail each and every weekend. For those of you seeking a tire to fit a light adventure spec vehicle, we highly recommend these tires. Ride comfortably on the road and hit the trail like you mean it with no compromises! Firestone’s All-Terrain lineup is extensive with variations in weight, speed, and weather ratings. The Destination A/T was a beloved favorite and now, with the improvements of the Destination A/T2, we expect nothing but the best.

So, you might be asking yourself, why the Destination A/T2 over the Destination X/T? Simply put, the A/T2 is a better overall daily use tire. Although the performance may not exceed that of the X/T, the A/T2 is an extremely capable tire and starting at $122, you simply can’t beat it. Because of its improvements and additional safety certifications, the A/T2 will perform phenomenology year round and for those of you in states with winter tire requirements, you’ll no longer have to pull out the chains. Looking for something more aggressive? Check out the Destination X/T and Destination M/T, both great alternatives. Whatever you drive, drive a Firestone!

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