TeamRAV4 is co-hosting Destination Outdoor!

You heard it here first, we are attending an all-new event called Destination Outdoor, an outdoor event for the modern adventurer. All the info and more can be found through the link below! If you’re like us and want to learn more right now, keep reading and scroll down.

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So, what exactly is this event? Well first off, it’s free! Destination Outdoor is in association with Toyota USA, which means that the newest 4Runner, Tacoma, Tundra and Rav4 (YES RAV4!), will be present!

Along with that, this event is all-things outdoor, literally all things. “An overland inspired outdoor adventure meet and greet. Free for all attendees and open to virtually all outdoor hobbies. Come as you are and enjoy the area as you see fit. Mountain Bike, Hike, Kayak or explore the trails in your rig! This event is for the love of the great outdoors!

We seek to cultivate a new generation of outdoor enthusiast who are not only socially responsible, but also respect the gift that is our public lands. Check out some of the adventure builds in attendance, have a bite to eat, get out and enjoy the surroundings.

If you want to win some great giveaways come back with whatever trash you have removed from public lands in our Restore the Outdoors challenge!

This event will be showcased later, on social media, through HD quality videos and pictures, capturing adventure, friendship and prizes. Be part of this first of its kind adventure event, this year and hopefully for years to come.”

From the makers of the T4R Experience & RavRally